Here’s your chance to play with the world’s smartest computer…



Want a tech opportunity that comes around only once in your lifetime?!?

IBM’s Watson team wants to get into business with you! The Extreme Tech Challenge is teaming up with Watson to offer up to three applicants who reach XTC’s “Top 25” the ability to partner with Big Blue’s smartest technology ecosystem.

Remember the system that beat the two most successful human players on Jeopardy? If not, maybe you’re familiar with Chef Watson from the SXSW conference that cooked up some original recipes for attendees. Consumers choose their favorite ingredients, their favorite region, the type of meal (pasta, dessert, etc.), and Watson goes to work.

Watson is a cognitive technology that processes information more like a human than a computer-by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence, and learning as it goes. It’s a turning point in technology.

The Watson team believes that startup entrepreneurs, tech companies, academic scientists and students are essential for finding the best uses of cognitive computing. That’s why they are opening up the Ecosystem: To empower companies and entrepreneurs who have access to large volumes of text-based information (think articles, notes, email…information consisting of english-language sentences) who want to tackle some tough commercial challenges..

Through access to the IBM Watson Developer Cloud, Partners will have access to the technology, tools and APIs for self-service training, development, and testing of their cognitive apps. More APIs and tools will be added as Watson grows. For example, In upcoming releases, Partners will be able to use additional APIs to discover unseen relationships hidden in their data

Here are the details of the Watson Ecosystem and see it in action with a YouTube Suite of Watson working it’s magic! 

Have you dreamed of quantifying your user experiences? Tell us about how you think Watson could add value to your business when you apply for the Extreme Tech Challenge.

It’s your opportunity to get on the fast track to becoming part of the Watson Ecosystem.

Here’s how the XTC – IBM Watson Partnership will play out:

IBM Watson will be selecting up to 3 applicants out of the XTC Top 25 to offer a 45 day instance of Watson. What that means to the applicant is they’ll be able to build a minimum viable product on the Watson Ecosystem Platform and work with IBM to forge a commercial agreement and go to market as partners. The instance of Watson alone is worth a lot, and the help IBM can bring for funding rounds, sales, and marketing is worth even more. Those who are chosen will receive mentoring to help them incorporate the offering into their overall strategy so they can add it to their pitch in competing for the Top 10 spots. Talk about truly setting yourself apart from the competition! Imagine having Watson on your team moving into the Top 10! On top of that, Watson Partners are eligible for participation in the the $100 million Watson Fund when seeking Series A funding and above.

To be eligible, you MUST check all the boxes for the IBM Watson Partnership (see below).

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.51.29 PM

And you MUST write a paragraph (on the application) on how you would use an instance of Watson.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 3.55.38 PM

XTC and IBM Watson are going on the road to tell you more about this unique opportunity and to offer insights on the future of cognitive computing. We’ll be traveling through Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Austin throughout the month. If you want us to visit your shared workspace, incubator, accelerator, or meet-up group, please email us ASAP at

Join in the conversation @ExTechChallenge and @IBMWatson

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