Here’s your chance to rub elbows with Sir Richard Branson!

 The Extreme Tech Challenge’s Referral Program could be your access pass to Necker Island

Blue skies… turquoise waters, sunshine, startups and Sir Richard Branson! Who wouldn’t want to wind up on Necker Island rubbing elbows with the king of entrepreneurial spirit? The pretty price tag for a night’s stay on Necker may have intimidated you in the past, but what if we told you that you could wind up on Necker, just by helping out your favorite startup? They say what goes around comes around, so pay it forward and get paid back with the chance of a lifetime.

“So how do I get to Necker?” you ask. It’s quite simple really. If you’re here, you already know about the most groundbreaking competition in the tech world, right? The Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) brings together targeted resources and world class advisors to help high-energy, wicked-smart entrepreneurs that are executing on big ideas. All you have to do is refer a startup that makes it to the finals on Necker Island, and you’ll score an island pass for yourself!

The Necker Island part is pretty sweet, but more importantly, the future of your vested startup could be even sweeter. The referral is a no brainer! If you back a startup with financial, advisory or even just moral support; you want them to succeed, right? Well XTC is a global competition that helps startups with billion dollar ideas get on the path to actually making a billion dollars. XTC offers mentorship, financing, tools, and exposure to scale their already tangible business ideas to the masses so they can make money, and more importantly: change the world.

The competition is open to entrants until September 30, 2014. Applicants will find out if they’ve made it to the next round by October 15, 2014. The semi-finals will be held at CES 2015 in January, with the finals taking place on Necker Island in February.

Here’s how the referral program works:

Step 1) Share the deets of the competition! has all of the info, or if you’d prefer your startup friends hear it from the man himself, check out Sir Richard Branson’s latest post about XTC.

Step 2) Make sure they enter here! And when they do, remind them to include your name in the referral box so you get the chance to rub elbows with the star studded judging panel on Necker Island in February 2015.

Step 3) Help your startup succeed! There is an incredible bank of resources at the XTC blog widely available to assist in the application process and beyond, and startups can also partake in XTC Academy to get coaching from some of the industry’s best.

Step 4) Learn how to kiteboard. Oh yes. If you’d like some quality time with Sir Richard Branson we suggest you learn how to fly! If you’re in the Bay area, we recommend learning from Jeff Kafka: the man who’s coached Google’s Larry and Sergey among many other successful kiters!

So what are you waiting for?

“Dream big by setting yourself seemingly impossible challenges. You then have to catch up with them.” – Sir Richard Branson

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