How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Startup

facebook-XTC-logoThe key to gaining traction for you product is creating a buzz. The easiest way to do that is through social media. Start with your own friends and followers. If you’re friends and followers don’t support you, delete them. Many entrepreneurs tell me their friends get upset when they post too much information about their products.

Did you hear me?

Delete them.

Your social network IS your community.

Your community is how YOU shape it.

I do agree some people can be obnoxious in how they promote their products.

Tip: (Stating the obvious) Don’t be obnoxious.

Be crafty.

Don’t say, “Check out our new product. Everyone please download it if you like Caesar salads and love to cook.”

Instead say, “I had no ideas people were obsessed with Caesar salads? Did you? They’re so obsessed that in our recent survey of 50,000 foodies, 75% of them said they’re #1 obsession was the Caesar Salad and their top complaint was bottled dressings taste terrible. Their ask was for easy restaurant-style Caesar recipes at the touch of a button. So, we created a new app called ‘Best Caesar’ that creates a community around Caesar salads and their favorite recipes.I would love to hear your favorite recipes. Download the app to share with me and others. I can’t wait to see your creativity.”

Yes, it’s longer. But it’s much more interesting and engaging.


Another secret: Start creating the buzz LONG before you have your product or feature launch, LONG before you need funding, and LONG before you need to recruit. You want to create value for your community with great content and insight LONG before you need them to start, in a sense, working for you.

I wrote an article while at Forbes in 2011, on how to get started creating a social media strategy. I think you might find it helpful in mapping out your own plan.

Please share your ideas as well. I always love hearing new insights. I may even use your insights in future posts.

FORBES ARTICLE: How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Small Business





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