Maximize your time during the finals on Necker Island: Kiteboard

Ariel Porter kiteboarding namotu left

For all of you who are excited to join Sir Richard Branson on his private island when you win the Extreme Tech Challenge, make sure you are ready to ride with the big boys.

Yes, if you make it into the top 3 after successfully winning over the judges on stage at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, CES, you will get plenty of time on Necker Island in deep-dive sessions with Sir Richard Branson as well as all of our celebrity judges. 

But to maximize your time with the judges, including Sir Richard Branson, Samsung President Young Sohn and Facebook’s Director of Engineering Lars Rasmussen, you’ll want to hit the water. 

All of the who’s who of this event kiteboard, and you’ll want to as well.


This weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area is an amazing event for beginners to learn the sport as well as for advanced riders to hone their skills. 

It’s a kite surf camp put on by Triple Point Expeditions, Wind Over Water, and Caution Kites in Waddell Creek, California. That’s in Santa Cruz County.  

Kiters will get high-tech instruction with the latest in video technology to capture their best moves.

SoloShot is bringing out its latest camera, which pans, tilts, and zooms automatically to capture a kiter’s on-the-water performance so instructors and professional kiteboarders can offer the most personalized advice.

Woo Sports is also coming out Saturday with its newest tracking sensors to place on the kiteboards. This technology tracks athletes to get their key parameters such as who jumped the highest.

For more information: Kite Camp This Weekend

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